Month: October 2016

Snippet from Fringe Blue: Table Quarry

Snippet from Fringe Blue: Table Quarry

Author’s note: I will be changing character names from familiar likenesses. This snippet is part of Fringe Blue, a writing project that I shelved to become a better reader. It will be drastically revised in time, as I’m in the process of harmonizing it with its sequel “Axis Mundi.” Fringe Blue is Copyright Protected, # TXu001848759 / 2013-03-20. All rights reserved.

Det. Johnny Lasko was still on the same street corner, sublimely unaware of how much time had passed since intoning the Call of Jerusalem. Stone City at ground level gave scant indication of time, as millions of termites beneath a furrowed redwood had no use for a sundial. He thought to check his watch, but wanted to keep the afterglow of such a moment for as long as possible. He relaxed his arms and stood in front of the white booth, patiently waiting his turn.

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Book Review – The First Clash

Book Review – The First Clash

51mbel2yi-l-_sx331_bo1204203200_September 12th.

For most Americans, this date is a milestone in self-reflection and picking up pieces, a flag in the sand for how we react to tragedy shortly after something loud and terrible blindsides us. And for most of us, it is simply the day after the worst attack on American soil.

Yet millennia ago, East and West clashed bitterly on the 12th of September, 490 BCE in the field of Marathon north of Athens. And the battle that ensued was a meteoric victory for the Western World, which Persian despots were threatening to snuff in its very cradle.

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Welcome to Sleepwalker’s Row

phil_trans_-_illuminated_capital_-_in which a lifelong insomniac, artist, and breakthrough junkie launches a public thought-lab at the behest of several friends. History will be recovered. Food critiqued. Books reviewed. Art created. Stories told. Ideas written. Guns fired. Photos taken. Futures pondered. Sumer rebuilt. Athens revived. Jerusalem transfigured. England saved. Videos shot. Pods cast.


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