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Little Bessemer had lots of toys in his cubby. And if there were one thing that Bessemer liked, it was toys. Here in Heaven there were barrows of toys; there were big ones, teeny tiny ones, fuzzy, and colorful toys. Most of the other toys that the children of Earth lost ended up here, where angels cleaned them and fixed them up like new for the great nursery behind the Throne.

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Welcome to Sleepwalker’s Row

phil_trans_-_illuminated_capital_-_in which a lifelong insomniac, artist, and breakthrough junkie launches a public thought-lab at the behest of several friends. History will be recovered. Food critiqued. Books reviewed. Art created. Stories told. Ideas written. Guns fired. Photos taken. Futures pondered. Sumer rebuilt. Athens revived. Jerusalem transfigured. England saved. Videos shot. Pods cast.


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